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World's most exclusive energy bar

Since 2015 PacerakerTM is on a quest to create the perfect energy bar for real runners. Including only the finest raw ingredients with highly optimised vitamin and mineral levels, we're manufacturing the industry's most exclusive sports nutrition bar that meets the demands of running athletes.

Meticulously crafted and sourced in Europe, we're currently in a private evaluation phase and aim to launch end of 2017. If you engage in cardio activities on an advanced level and would like to join our limited vanguard program, simply email us at with a brief description about your current sports nutrition habits.

Paceraker was created by streak runner @thomas.

— Ingredients V.01 —

100% Natural and EU sourced. Nothing else.
Figs, Tart cherries, Banana, Dates, Blueberries, Almonds, Pistachios, Chestnut, Walnuts, Cocoa (100%), Coconut, Vanilla powder, Himalayan salt.